Why should I listen to the Medical POTcast?

You should listen if you need a little bit of help


  • Maybe you can’t fall asleep every night, or you get that occasional snap of anxiety.

  • But maybe it’s more; you’ve got chronic back pain from 3 surgeries, fusion, rods, the whole 9 yards, and Toredol/Percocet/Tramadol isn’t working. Every day feels like someone is stabbing you in the back.

  • Find alternatives while you’re dealing with cancer, PTSD, an Autoimmune disease, severe anxiety or depression.

  • Or perhaps your mom, dad or child is having seizures, pain or memory issues and you want to see if medical cannabis could help make their live better.

I’m interviewing people who can help you


  • You’ll learn the pros and cons of medical cannabis. My guests are focused on you, the patient. They’ll give you the inside scoop. Bonus: most have personal experience using medical cannabis

  • Find out about medical cannabis from the ground up. No detail is too small – when I’m interviewing a grower, you’ll learn what you should be looking for in a bud.

  • Gain insight from insiders in the industry. When I’m interviewing a processor, they’ll fill you in on what you should be looking for when you walk into a dispensary and choose a finished product.

  • Hear directly from you local bud tender — their front-line experiences are invaluable to helping you use medical cannabis to get a little or a lot of help.

  • PIck up all the little things you’ve always wanted to know like tidbits about terminology and even where 4/20 came from.


Craig Hauser, M.D.

Host & Producer, MedPOTcast

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