Episode 1: The Manager at Kannavis Dispensary- Jordan Baker

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Jordan Baker is the Manager of Kannavis Dispensary in Urbana, Maryland and has an extensive background in the Cannabis world.

Today on The Medical POTcast, Jordan talks about:

  • How he helped a cancer patient going through chemotherapy fix his appetite and nausea
  • What its like to be a dispensary manager
  • The difference b/w the California and Maryland cannabis programs and the personal networks they relied on for a community-based network in Cali vs MD where testing and purity are key and the MMCC controls everything
  • Do our patients have any legal worries when purchasing cannabis legitimately?  What are the rules that we agree to abide to when we get our cannabis card?
  • Jordan’s area of expertise- cultivation and what to look for (mold) when things go bad
  • How to speak to someone that doesn’t understand what cannabis can do for them
  • How do I talk to my doctor about cannabis?
  • Jordan’s worst cannabis moment- overdosing on an edible.  How can we learn from his experience and what not to do in College!
  • The future of cannabis in the dispensary world

Be sure to tune in to Jordan’s episode to learn more!

In peace and health,

Dr. H