Episode 2: The Head Floriculturist at Curio- Chris Holshouser

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Chris Holshouser is the Head Floriculturist of Curio Wellness and comes to us with 30 years of growing experience.

Today on The Medical POTcast, Chris talks about:

  • How his 17 y.o. severely autistic nephew benefited from CBD
  • Managing 100 acres of greenhouses and ultimately the high-tech world of Curio
  • Growing cannabis and how it’s similar to Chrysanthemums- getting the most of ‘Flower Power’
  • It’s sunny every day at Curio- how to manipulate 42 different metrics to grow the best plant
  • Integrated Pest Management- using any and every resource you can to limit your pest population and how Chris prevents disease in his plants
  • Maybe a new classification scheme instead of Indica and Sativa; why your Blue Dream isn’t my Blue Dream
  • What we, as patients, should be asking our Bud tenders
  • Understand your dose- cannabis is more powerful than its ever been
  • Chris’ worst cannabis moment- overdosing
  • What is Chris most LIT up about- the future of genetics in cannabis. Where do we want to go?

Be sure to tune in to Chris’s episode to learn more!

In peace and health,

Dr. H