Episode 4: The Assistant Manager at Kannavis Dispensary- Alex Birdsell

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Alex is the Assistant Manager at Kannavis Dispensary in Urbana, Maryland. He brings a unique perspective to cannabis use due to his own personal history and compassionate personality.

Today on The Medical POTcast, Alex talks about:

  • How a topical cannabis product helped a patient of Alex’s with tremors and cramped hands regain her mobility
  • How he got into the cannabis business and using it for his Lyme’s meningitis
  • The difference between legal and non-legal weed, particularly safety
  • How he ensures the cannabis coming into his dispensary is quality product free of mold
  • What it’s like to work at a dispensary, training bud tenders, and patient consultations
  • Synergistic effects of cannabis
  • Realizing that his patients are hurting when they come in, and offering compassion as well as knowledge
  • What happens if a patient stumps him with a cannabis question?  Resources.
  • Alex’s worst cannabis moment- a family member overdoses on an edible.  How to help them deal with severe anxiety
  • The car analogy- CBD, THC, and Terpenes, and how to keep them straight
  • Cannabinoids from yeast, genetic modification
  • Don’t be fearful of spreading the good word of cannabis; start the conversation
  • Favorite internet resources

Be sure to tune in to Alex’s episode to learn more!

In peace and health,

Dr. H