Episode 6: Biochemist and Maryland Processing Lab manager at Holistic Industries- Mallory Paul

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Mallory Paul is a Biochemist and Maryland Processing Lab manager at Holistic Industries and talks to us today about:

  • Growing up in the Deep South and lack of exposure to cannabis
  • Sister diagnosed with Breast cancer and Dad with Lung cancer- when it rains it pours
  • 34 y.o. sister using RSO for radiation and chemo treatment and surgery and for sleep
  • Dad using cannabis for fear and anxiety and motor function
  • “One more date before she passed away” and Liberty Pax pods
  • How she got her start in the cannabis business
  • Day to day operations as an Extraction Artist and What is an extraction?
  • Benefits of a vaporizer over a rolled joint
  • Benefits of isolated THCa crystals
  • The Happiest Industry to work for
  • Mallory’s worst cannabis moment- slow digestion and overdosing on edibles
  • Shutting down a bad ‘trip’
  • Vaginal suppositories for PMS, Endometriosis, and improved sex life
  • Words of wisdom from her dad

Be sure to tune in to Mallory’s episode to learn more!

In peace and health,

Dr. H