Episode 8: Transformational Coach and Remover of Obstacles- Trevor Kuchar

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Highlights from Today’s show:

  • High limonene moderate linalool indicas shut down the ruminating thoughts and gave his “better angels” a chance
  • Making the choice that he didn’t want to be suffering
  • How Trevor uses cannabis to help others find their way in their own self-directed treatment
  • Using CBT and mindfulness in conjunction with cannabis
  • Hyper-vigilance with PTSD was draining one of our vets
  • Can Veterans use cannabis?  Will they get their benefits taken away?
  • Getting through surgery without narcotics…not so much with kidney stones!
  • 1 in 8 Americans suffer from PTSD
  • Using cannabis “Intentionally”. Using it with Diet, Exercise, and Self Care
  • Trevor’s worst moments: street cannabis and dumping 2 oz down the toilet, and a strain with too much terpinolene and pinene
  • Cannabis Creative book project: https://maryland.cannabiscreativebook.com
  • My yogi says: it is ok to have pain, feelings, and crazy thoughts, but it’s your actions…
  • Book Rec: Cannabis For Chronic Pain
  • Book Rec: The CannaBible Collection
  • Cannabis and Trevor’s weight loss secret

Be sure to tune in to Trevor’s Episode to learn more!

In peace and health,

Dr. H